A Century Systems ALARM professional will ask some questions and perform a Needs Analysis to understand your family’s or your business security needs which will helps us determine a security system that will meet your needs. Our Needs Analysis gives us a more complete and detailed understanding of your home or business security needs. We'll ask you questions about your specific security concerns, your family, your home and your neighborhood. The more we know about you and your business or home, the better prepared we are to determine a system that helps meet your needs.


When burglars knows there is an Alarm System installed on your premises, they know your business or home is well protected and are likely to move on to an easier target. Burglars are opportunistic—they will target only the most vulnerable homes, and are unlikely to challenge a security system. So by having alarm system installed it deliver a powerful message and strong deterrent.

Minimizing Loss

should a burglar choose to challenge century Systems security system, a loud siren alerts homeowners to danger. Recognizing time is limited, the intruder will need to flee or risk being caught. This leaves very little opportunity for theft

Confrontation Avoidance

A Century system protects your home and business when you’re not there BY INFRA RED MOTION DETECTORS, and protects you and your family when you are. By deterring burglars, or sounding an alarm to alert you of their presence, the system gives you an opportunity to react without having to confront the intruder.

Central Alarm Service

How it works

Communication between your monitored security system and the Century Systems Customer Monitoring Center begins with the installation of a control panel, security system devices, and a telephone connection device in your home.

Communication from your home to the Century Systems Customer Monitoring Center works over telephone lines. So it doesn't matter where your Century Systems Customer Monitoring Center is located, the connection time is similar to what you experience when you dial your phone to place a call.

If an alarm situation occurs, such as a burglary or fire, your system is designed to communicate a "signal" to your Century System Customer Monitoring Center.

  1. When an alarm signal occurs, it is because a specific device or sensor has been interrupted or tripped.

  2. When that happens, the device is designed to communicate with the main box or control panel in your home.

  3. Once the control panel receives the signal, your system is designed to seize your telephone line and send a signal over that telephone line to your Century System Customer Monitoring Center .

    This signal can then be received via computer by an INBOUND Monitoring Center associate, who will follow a procedure specific to the type of alarm signal received.

    What happens next may include an associate calling your home to determine if the alarm was accidentally activated, or to determine the type of assistance that you need. Calling to confirm helps the system prevent false alarm fines or penalties to you from your local city agencies.

  4. Century System Customer Monitoring Center associates can also notify proper authorities and the individuals on your emergency contact list so that they can get in touch with you.

  5. Century Systems customer monitoring system associate also can send out GUARDS to inspect your property with a short respond time.


Century Systems offers the connectivity to central alarm center. With low and attractive monthly you can join now to the many other thousands who protect themselves with Century Systems.

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