Century Systems brings the comfort, control and security to your home steps.

The Nehos system terminal communicates with the wireless control unit, giving you complete freedom of operation, without having to worry where you are.

Total control over your world

Do you wish your home would respond to your commands, without having to get up all the time and move from room to room?
Do you wish you could answer the phone while you’re watching TV, or while you’re sitting comfortably on the sofa surfing the Web? Or you’re adjusting the temperature of each room in the house when someone rings the doorbell, and you can see them, talk with them and open the door? With BPT’s , your wish-list now becomes sweet reality.
This genuine living control system - featuring a handy terminal so it’s

within easy reach - gives you the power to check up on any of the home’s electrical services and switch them on or off, or watch TV in bed, or check the operating status of the system, surveillance cameras, alarm system etc. with the utmost ease.
With Nehos, the sky’s the limit!

Freedom no wires attached!

The Nehos system terminal communicates with the wireless control unit, giving you complete freedom of operation, without having to worry where you are. A simple system of self-explanatory icons makes using the terminal child’s play, with no need for a user guide.
Wherever you are, the home will obey your commands.


you can group all the switch-on/switch-off operations you want into menu icons. Thus the “coming home” icon, for instance, will ensure that all the rooms you

want are at an ideal temperature when you get home, that the lights are on, your preferred music is playing on the DVD player, and will produce any number of other conditions you have chosen for your return. The same thing goes for when you’re going out, getting up or going to bed, if you’re doing the gardening or… whatever else grabs your fancy.

Home management

You can switch any part of the home system on or off (lights, rolling shutters, sockets etc.), you can check the electric load of each household appliance and decide when to switch it on and off, and what units take priority


You can check whether the burglar alarm system is in perfect working order,

can scan your home’s surveillance cameras in sequence, deal with alarms and receive SMS messages with an update on operation if you’re out and something is wrong.


With Nehos extra-sharp, generously sized liquid crystal display, you can watch films, surf the Web, read and write emails, control your DVD player, sound system and so on.


You can receive and make telephone calls when you make a call, the telephone keypad appears on the display along with your phonebook of stored numbers.


Temperature control

you can control each ZONE in the house differently, to reach your chosen temperatures at the chosen times.

Nehos is your magic wand

You do all the programming with the icons, designed so that the various functions are immediately recognizable. You send the command by simply touching the screen with your finger, the display it’s touch-screen technology. You can run through the pages quickly and easily to programmed anything you want, and you will be pleasantly surprised by just how much stuff you can do. 

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