Century Systems offers a fine selection of video intercom products and installation services. We repair, customize, and at low cost and speedy-turnaround service your intercom needs. We carry Prestige brands like AlPhone , Leedan, Tektone, BPT, Elvax and many more. We offer professional technical support for the installer and if needed century Systems will, for a competitive price level, send out system integrators to help you finish your project.

Century Systems is also the distributor and provider of BPT technologies and entry control systems. For a full list of BPT products please visit BPT at www.bpt.it. Century Systems will help you to choose the right system for your businessor home. We also will handle all shipping for you for nominal fees.

For a full catalog view of BPT products please visit www.bpt.it and order directly from us.

BPT presents new development. X1 is a new cabling concept which allows all the units of an intercom or video intercom to be connected on a true two-wire bus which allows it to transmit all the information and power on a simple non-polarized twisted pair. Only between the entry panel and the power supplier four wires are required. Then from the power supplier to all the receivers only a twisted pair is required.

XIP system uses an Ethernet distribution network as the main vehicle for communications between all the gateways. This means that the system can be expanded almost infinitely, while at the same time maintaining the traditional system of connection between the entry panels and the receivers. By utilising traditional cables to wire up the entry panels, it is possible to install long-distance connections as well as to connect points that the existing data networks cannot reach.


AGATA Audio and video receivers with handset on wall

Agata is the line of new generation audio and video receivers with handset, in colour or B&W, with Basic or Building functions. All coupled with great ease of use, functionality, clarity of the lines of the design and continuity of style with the other Bpt new generation models.


OPALE Hands-free intercom video receiver for recessed installation

The Opale line is a model for recessed installation that is elegant and discreet in any setting. The product of the style and design of the latest generation video receivers, the new line offers two different models, Opale and Opale Wide that differ in the size of their displays of 4.3”, 16:9 format or 3.5”, 4:3 format, in their Touch Sensitive buttons that leave space on the Touch Screen with slide-away keys on the Wide model, and in some supplementary functions only available on the top model, like the video answer machine and the list of calls from the porter switchboard.

PERLA Audio and video receivers

Perla is the line of wall-mounted hands-free video and audio receivers, a real jewel of sophisticated Made in Italy design and advanced technology. Perla stands out for its personality and elegance, with its soft curving lines and the central control panel on which the functions form a perfect circle. All only 31 mm thick. In the video version the 3.5” LCD colour display and hands-free audio offers excellent audio-video quality with very low consumption.

FUTURA The new era in video entry system

The video receiver with user-friendly 7" display that's perfect in any room thanks to its simple but sophisticated design. Ease of use with Bpt technology to the max. Futura is the video receiver that can be integrated with Bpt's Home Sapiens home automation system, and can exchange information and audio and video messages with connected systems.

MITHO Colour touch screen video receiver, wall-mount installation

Mitho is an innovative video receiver with a colour touch screen which offers a host of hi-tech features. The 4.3” LCD touch screen is in 16:9 widescreen format for full-screen navigation using menus that require no visible keys. Navigating through the various menus is simple and intuitive, using colour codes for immediate association of functions to different colours. Mitho is much more than just a video receiver: when connected to BPT's “X1” two-wire system, Mitho provides a series of innovative functions including image zooming, voice/video messaging and text messages as well as integrated handset and hands-free audio functions.

LITHOS Monolithic video entry panel

Lithos is the color video entry panel created for the X1 two-wires system. Compact and slim (30 mm thick on the wall), it is perfect for any environment, thanks to the design with soft lines and the elegant finish in brushed stainless steel. Lithos, which can either be wall-mounted or recessed and equipped with single or double buttons according to the type of system, has an intercom function without extra devices and can be used to create systems designed to handle up to 4 lines.

THANGRAM Modular entry panels

Thangram is BPT's line of modular entry panels: it is the first designed for use with yhe new IP digital technology system, and the only model that offers such superlative-quality colour video. The entry panels in the Thangram range are distinctive for their attractive, innovative styling, ultra-slim design, unparalleled performance and the possibility of creating any type of entry panel by combining just 7 elements. A new generation of entry panels that are both beautiful and sophisticated.

DIGITHA Digital entry panels

The Thangram range is completed by Digitha, a stainless steel entry panel that is particularly sturdy and highly functional. With BPT's focus on making the best possible use of internal and external space, as well as the numerous features made possible by the digital pushbutton panel, Digitha offers unparalleled performance and ultra-compact design, and the sophisticated XIP digital control system is the ideal solution for residential systems. Attractive and elegant, Digitha is pleasing to the senses, with a dual finish that will delight both the eye and the touch.

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