Century Systems 1 LTD, in corporation with BMJ corp. (A subsidiary company) is the distributor, supplier and importer of BPT Technologies in the United States. That includes Video intercom systems, nurse-call and emergency-call systems, paging systems, signaling devices, enunciators and access control systems. Our mission is to distribute and service BPT communication systems as well as many other brand name systems to control safety, comfort and climate in the home. The company with its professional teams of project mangers, system integrators, security specialist, communication specialist and business developers has earn the company the reputation of excellence.

Ever since the company was founded in the early 80’s one of its Founder’s explicit wishes was for Century Systems and BMJ to channel its energies into the use of advanced technologies in the pursuit of product excellence. This objective - a trait for which the company is well known in the community - is still the guideline on which the company’s future is based, and is even now being reinforced further. Indeed, the company aims to become increasingly effective in meeting and, where possible, foreseeing customer demands and expectations by innovating its range of products continuously and providing a prompt, flexible service.

Century Systems and BMJ have launched a new stage in its evolution, which will enable it to achieve greater visibility on the domestic. Rather than enter a price war with the competition, it aims to achieve this goal by seeking alternative solutions that it can use to boost its own growth and, at the same time, meet customer needs. This it will do by optimizing and strengthening the marketing department and pre- and after-sales support, and by adding new product ranges.

The Company’s planned strategy consists in providing a comprehensive service that is increasingly in line with the demands of the installer as well as the consumers, so that the difference in price is perceived as indicative of better service and product excellence, creating a sense of pride amongst operators who install our products.

Aware that the effectiveness of a development and strengthening project depends on capable people - who must be suitably stimulated to grow and who feel, within their respective spheres of competence and responsibility, that they are an active part of a team. Century Systems & BMJ are making the growth of its business and client tail its primary objective.

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