Hard-Wiring Made Easy

Century System’s cabling crews bring a high level of expertise to the task of installing voice and data network cabling. Cabling can be provided along with the installation of a new system, or independently. Voice cabling, data cabling, aerial spans and audio video cabling are all available at competitive price levels. Century Systems does it all. From your company network backbone to the Internet - We have all the expertise to pull and install the appropriate cabling to get your data moving at the speed you need. Your data cabling, or network physical layer, is synonymous to the foundation of a home or an office. If the cabling (physical layer) is not installed correctly, over time, the network will develop troubles such as intermittent loss of network connections,


corrupted data transfers, and additional symptoms resulting in hours of lost productivity. Network cabling must be properly installed and certified to assure there are no weaknesses in the physical layer. So . . . Why build an inadequate, sub-standard network infrastructure that will become a costly liability in the future?

The Whole Project


Century System’s provides a turnkey, finished cabling installation. All runs are terminated appropriately at each end. In addition, Utilizing the finest equipment available, racks, shelves, patch panels, and cable management systems can be provided to create a well organized, efficient common area for the telephone system common control equipment and the data network hub. Century System’s customers benefit from lower project costs, available as a result of the efficiencies realized through the Century System’s One Source provisioning model.

Project Management

Century System’s cabling staff has honed the ability to work with contractors on renovations and new construction projects. The staff is experienced in
coordinating all aspects of such a project. Century Systems also possesses the licenses and certifications necessary to obtain all required permits, and ensure a successful inspection.

Internet Services

The Need for Speed

Fast access to the Internet has become essential for most businesses. Since many businesses simply cannot function without Internet access, reliability and redundancy has also become important.

Powerful Choices

Internet access is also available on integrated T1 circuits that combine data and voice functionality. These integrated circuits offer an opportunity for the business with smaller bandwidth needs to take advantage of the reliability of T1 access previously available only to larger businesses. Internet access can be combined on the same circuit with long distance voice service, or with both local and long distance voice service.


Bandwidth Builds Business

Remember that Internet access can be used for much more than just access to the World Wide Web. Internet can be an important tool for data connectivity among multi-location businesses, and an important way for businesses to communicate efficiently and directly with customers and vendors.

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