Century Systems offers a fine selection of video intercom products and installation services. We repair, customize, and at low cost and speedy-turnaround service your intercom needs. We carry Prestige brands like AIPhone, Leedan, Tektone, BPT, Elvax and many more. We offer professional technical support for the installer and if needed century Systems will, for a competitive price level, send out its system integrators to help you finish your project.

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Century Systems is also the distributor and provider of BPT technologies and entry control systems. For a full list of BPT products please visit BPT at www.bpt.it century systems will help you to choose the right system for your business or home. We also will handle all shipping for you for nominal fees.

Why Choose BPT?

BPT presents new development. X1 is a new cabling concept which allows all the units of an intercom or video intercom to be connected on a true two-wire bus which allows it to transmit all the information and power on a simple non-polarized twisted pair. Only between the entry panel and the power supplier four wires are required. Then from the power supplier to all the receivers only a twisted pair is required.

It is simple:

Because with two wires the mistakes are reduced to a minimum.

It is quick:

Wires are not polarized so just connect the pair to the terminals and the job is done.

It is performing:

All the functions of a normal intercom system are available: black and white and color monitors, intercom in the same house is available up to eight units, self-connection to the entry panel for video, secrecy of speech, door lock release timing control, call volume control, busy indication. Telephone interface is also available to use normal Telkom telephone to answer intercom calls.

It is expandable:

X1 can be expanded into a more sophisticated solution called System 300 which has very high limitations. All the main aesthetics are available on X1 technology: Lynea, Nova and Ophera, the new color hand-free monitor.

X1 features a very simple programming procedure called 'self-learning'. There is no setting or configuration of dip-switches. It is enough to send the call from the entry panel to the relevant receiver and the system will do the programming itself.



Value, Quality and Ease

The Integra Video Intercom System by BPT, Provides ease, comfort and security to your home and business.


The Nova Video Intercom System by BPT, The popular Nova Video Intercom System by BPT holds value and quality. The Nova monitor incorporates all the qualities demanded by the international home technology market: safety, precision, practicality and good looks. 


The Digital Solution by BPT, offers numerical and coded call key pad practicality and minimized dimensions even with considerable numbers of users. It can hold up to 2000 codes and delivers unbeatable performance.


More from Century Systems - Sells, system integration and technical support for:

ELVOX - High-tech communication devices. We sell, install and service Elvox systems.


Door, in-house, video and telecommunication. The Siedle system concept does not stop at your front door. Century Systems offers economical hands free communication systems, wide selection of modular units and in-house intercom systems from Siedle


products range from simple do-it-yourself door answering units to sophisticated video entry security systems, complex microprocessor-based commercial systems, and luxury condo/apartment security/communication systems. They are unrivaled in design simplicity, technical excellence and reliability.



products can be used for home or commercial use and it is most affordable.


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