Phone Systems

Century Systems was founded to sell, install and service, small to medium sized telephone systems for the use of individual and commercial clients.

Our Sources

Today, with 30 years of experience under its belt, Century Systems proudly represents cutting edge systems designed by Panasonics and NEC Communications. Century system’s factory trained consultants help design systems, equipped with features guaranteed to ease communication, for use by

corporations ranging up to five hundred users.

Panasonics and NEC, an internationally recognize brands, has manufactured telecommunication equipment for decades and does business in countries worldwide. Their level of technology and reliability provides the highest value for the mid-sized telecom market.

Panasonics and NEC has been providing quality and innovative telecommunication


products. Their systems also provide advancements in technology that are industry renowned.

Flexibility for Our Customers

Both systems provide the latest in features and functionality, and will support call center solutions, CTI and IVR applications, and the ability to network multiple systems. Each has advanced an agenda aimed at providing voice over IP solutions for customers. By representing two major telecom systems manufacturers, Century Systems has the ability to propose the correct solution for each environment, based upon a customer’s specific requirements.

More from Century Systems

Additionally, Century Systems provides a wide array of peripheral communication products that work in conjunction with the telephone system selected. They include paging systems, wireless telephone solutions, call accounting, music/message on hold devices, headsets, etc.


Voicemail Systems

Complete Systems

Century Systems sells, installs and services Panasonics and NEC voicemail systems. They provide sophisticated automated attendant call routing functionality, and a variety of sophisticated voicemail features. These systems are proprietary to the manufacturers system on a digitally integrated basis, but usable on other manufacturers systems when installed via an analog connection.

The flexibility of these systems, and Century System’s experience in implementing voicemail systems, allows a call flow that will answer and route calls in exactly the manner necessary to meet client needs. Systems include advanced

features such as automatic call screening, call record, instant message notification, and hundreds of others. Both Panasonics and NEC’s voice mail systems allow the implementation of CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) applications such as Unified Messaging, Fax Applications, Text to Speech, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), screen pops, and integration to personal information management packages.

Implementation & Training

In a networked environment, both systems allow the sharing of a common centralized voice mail system by multiple locations. Both Panasonics and NEC provide simple and easy to use menus, along with an in-system tutorial. In combination with Century system’s comprehensive training program, users are able to enjoy the full benefit of the system’s functionality from the first day.


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